The View: Issue 37

The View, Edition 37 Welcome to the 37th edition of Aspect IT’s newsletter, The View.   We are

The View: Issue 37


The View, Edition 37

Welcome to the 37th edition of Aspect IT’s newsletter, The View.


We are recruiting

Due to continued growth and expansion, we are recruiting for our help-desk team.


We are on the lookout for IT support engineers, so if you know anyone that may be interested, please pass our details on.

Wearable tech and the IoT

We are always blogging about the latest tech and gadgets. One subject that really interests us is wearable technology coupled with the Internet of Things (IoT).


If you haven’t heard the phrase IoT, then our blog will explain all.


Love gadgets? Then you’ll know this is where the most innovation are happening. From Smart Belts to the Shock Clock Alarm to Amazon Dash, people are becoming more connected to technology.


A worrying trend? Maybe, but our lives and homes are becoming more connected whether we like it or not. We’ll be blogging about this subject over the next few weeks so don’t forget to drop by our social media channels.

Customer Case Study: Appletex

We have completed another WordPress web site project, this time for our local company Appletex, based in Oldham.


Appletex manufacture stockinette for food packaging, car polishing and the furniture trade.


We have never heard of these types of products and it was very interesting to work with not only a well-established local company but also products we did not know a great deal about. Appletex

Help-desk team: Steve Nichols

Our help-desk employee, Steve, is nearing the end of his 1 year apprenticeship with Aspect IT.


Over the past year Steve has been a great addition to the team and his apprenticeship has been a fantastic success.


His apprenticeship is for Level 2 ICT systems and applications.


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