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Meet the helpdesk team

It's a busy 2018 already! With lots of calls made to the helpdesk and tickets raised, we're on our way to a successful year. Layton, Ian, Brad and Tim are the helpdesk gurus who answer your calls and help you with the solution! Got a problem? Don't be shy, the lads aren't scary they'll be more than happy to help you!

Email scams beware!

We are seeing more sophisticated emails to businesses that requests them to pay an invoice. These emails will not be filtered out as spam as they aren't seen as malicious. They are simply disguised as a legitimate email address. 

We would advise that you do the following when you receive these types of emails:
- Click 'reply' 
- Look at the email address as suspicious emails will have extra characters on the end of the original email address (e.g.
- Please do not reply just do this as a further check

Always be vigilant and double check before making any payments you are not aware of. 

Join us on Twitter for 1pmLunch

Join us on Twitter on Fridays at 1pm as we host the #1pmlunch hour chat! All you need to do is get on your account and tweet using the hashtag above! It's
great fun.

Is your business prepared?

Is your business prepared for the unexpected? Have a read of our articlepublished in the Saddleworth Independent Newspaper to tell you what you
need to know.

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