The View: Issue 69

Our charity match ended up with a win for us and we announce the final total raised for

The View: Issue 69

It’s good news all around in this month’s newsletter. Our main story is our charity football match we took part in last week against Web Applications UK. We will also be making you aware of the latest security with HTTP pages online and what you need to do.

We are victorious!

On Thursday 13th September we went up against Web Applications UK in a charity football match. This was to raise money for the Alzheimer’s Society and to celebrate our 15th year in business.

Not only did we win 14-9 but we raised over £400. In celebration of our 15th birthday we donated £15 for every goal we scored, generating a total of £210. We’d also like to thank our supporters for donating to our JustGiving page; which reached a total of £274.

We would like to say a special thank you to Paul at Dark Woods Coffee for joining our team. A big thank you to everyone who made a donation and well done to everyone who played! 

Is your website secure?

In Google’s quest to make the web safer from cyber criminals, they are encouraging web site owners to use an SSL certificate on their web site. If you don’t know what one is, then you can see an example in the next section.

If your web site does not have an SSL certificate, then Google may penalize your search engine rankings and you could be targetted by hackers.

Would you like some help with your web site? If so, get in touch on 0161 241 9050 or email

How can I check my web site?

The simplest way check your web site is to open your web browser, go to your web site and check it against the images below. These images are using the Google Chrome browser.




Not Secure

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