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Welcome to the 12th edition of Aspect IT’s newsletter, The View.

Windows Server ’03, The End.

After 12 years it’s time to say goodbye to Windows Server 2003 (WS2003).
The 14 July 2015 will mark the end of the road for WS2003, as Microsoft halt all support and updates to this server. For our customers still using this system, now is the time to migrate. It is very important to move your business to a platform that will provide you with the security and reliability it needs.
You will no longer have access to patches or security updates for WS2003. Running unsupported software like this presents a significant risk to your business as threats will not be addressed which could result in costly compliance violations. What’s more, key updates for your third party software may not be compatible with WS2003. By moving server you will also;
  • Improve performance
  • Reduce maintenance
  • Increase speed

The end is really an exciting new beginning for your business! Contact us for more info on how to seamlessly migrate your business away from Windows Server 2003.

Windows 10 because 7 8 9…

Microsoft have finally revealed what happened to Windows 9. When the company first announced the launch of Windows 10 in 2015, we were all wondering what ever happened to Windows 9 – we seemed to have jumped straight from 8 to 10.

Now we know why… because 7 8 9 (yes that’s right, 7 ate 9). Microsoft Vice President, Joe Belfiore wore this confession in binary code on his T-Shirt at Microsoft’s Build 2015 conference this year. Developer, Kevin Grosse was the first to work it out!

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