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The View, Edition 36

Welcome to the 36th edition of Aspect IT’s newsletter, The View.



We have recently seen an increase in ransomware attack attempts against small businesses and wanted to remind our newsletter subscribers to be vigilant.


Ransomware, for those that don’t know, is malicious software that encrypts all the data on your server, PC or laptop until a sum of money is paid to the attacker.

Some anti-virus products don’t protect against ransomware, mainly because hackers are constantly re-inventing their software and therefore go undetected.

So ensure you are not caught out by phishing emails/campaigns or by downloading any unknown software. Be vigilant and ensure you have adequate backups as well.

If you have any concerns, then give our helpdesk a call and we’ll explain what we can do to prevent against hacks.


Guest Blogs

We have added our Saddleworth Independent guest blogs to the newsletter sidebar. Be sure to check them all out and have a read.


Customer Case Study: Bowland Stoves New Blog

We recently completed a small tidy-up project for Bowland Stoves. This included ensuring their SellerDeck web site is fully optimized for mobiles and tablets.

In addition to this, we added a brand new WordPress Blog to their web site. Using a great new style, this enables for more targeted blogs and a much easier reading style for end-users.


Bank Holiday!

It’s a bank holiday weekend. Hooray from everyone who has a long weekend break! Our helpdesk will be closed on Monday but we are available for emergencies.