The View: Issue 48

Welcome to Aspect IT’s Issue 48 of The View As an IT Support company, we keep up with

The View: Issue 48


Welcome to Aspect IT’s Issue 48 of The View

As an IT Support company, we keep up with all the latest tech trends and news so we know what you need to be aware of. Our main story today is to make you aware of suspicious emails and what to do if you receive one. We also have our winner of our competition, our articles in the Saddleworth Independent Newspaper and more blogs for you to enjoy a read of!

What to do with suspicious emails

There has been several reports of suspicious emails appearing in people’s inboxes. Hackers can gain unauthorized access to your account and tamper with email addresses to get information such as bank details. We would like to make everyone vigilant and aware of this issue an what you can do to make sure it doesn’t happen to yourself. Here are some of the things that you need to look out for:

  • Is the recipients email the same as before? (make sure there are no extra characters when you click the ‘reply’ icon)
  • Is the specified activity normal from the sender? (e.g. do they ask you for bank details over email?)


  • Do not open any attachments from and email address you do not know
  • It would be best to exchange bank details over the phone so it’s not there physically just in case you email account gets hacked.

If you are concerned about any of the above please do not hesitate to contact our helpdesk for more advice and information.

Our survey winner

Congratulations to David Gorton at PM + M, the lucky winner of our competition for the driving experience!

We’d like to thank all those who took part, but don’t worry you’ll have your chance again when we have more competitions for you to get yourself involved in – who knows, maybe you could be our lucky winner next time.

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