The View: Issue 53

It’s Friday and our Issue 53 of The View is here! We’re excited to announce that after some

The View: Issue 53


It’s Friday and our Issue 53 of The View is here!

We’re excited to announce that after some design ideas and implementation, Aspect IT Plus is now live. In our newsletter today we also have top VoiP accessories for you to purchase, our Saddleworth Independent articles and blogs for you to have a read of on your lunch break!

Aspect IT Plus’ new makeover!

For those who use our customer portal, you may be aware that it was in need of a makeover! Well after some grafting from the development team we have now redesigned and launched our brand new, revamped Aspect IT Plus!
With a brand new modern design, you’ll be able to navigate yourself round more easily and you can get all the information you need.
Like the design? Give us a message to let us know your thoughts! If you don’t have a login contact the helpdesk.

Did you know?

Did you know that we do VoiP? For those who are a little unsure what VoiP is, it’s an internet phone system which has many benefits to save your business money and increases flexibility. Here are the top 5 benefits for having VoiP:
Saves money – It costs less the run than a standard telephone line and it’s all done via the internet so no added costs are put on to your bill.
Flexibility – Allows several different people to connect at the same time to hold conference calls and are easily transferable.
Added features – Comes with useful features such as emailing voicemails, sharing data via video conference and recording calls.
Increased sound quality – Comes with better sound quality so you can hear your caller loud and clear!
Mobility – Once it’s set up, you can take VoiP wherever you go (as long as you have Wi-Fi connection).

Don’t have a VoiP system in place?
Aspect IT provide a VoiP service for businesses that want to replace telephone lines and save costs. There’s more information on our service here

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