Is it time for a tech detox?

Happy 2018! The new year begins and it’s back to work for a happy and successful year once

Happy 2018! The new year begins and it’s back to work for a happy and successful year once again. You’ve got everyone talking about their new years resolutions, but have you even decided what yours is? Our blog could certainly help if you’re a real tech addict.

Cut down your phone usage

Did you know that the average person checks their mobile phone 110 times a day and 61% sleep with their phones under their pillow or next to their bed? The most important question is…is this you?

If you feel dependent on your mobile, maybe it’s time for a little detox to cut down your usage and come away from that awful addiction! You could socialize more, maybe read a book or take a walk. Just anything to keep your mind from thinking ‘I wonder how many notifications I have’.

Detox from social media

When you’re bored you just can’t help but see what everyone is up to on Social Media. If you’re reading this and currently have no presence on any platform then good for you! If you do have a social media presence and constantly on it…come off it or at least cut it down.

There’s been speculation at to if social media contributes to mental health issues such as depression and anxiety. Instagram is one of the primary social media platforms where people become self conscious about themselves as appearance is shown to be slim, muscly etc.

Cavemen survived without mobile phones and social media so you can as well! Take the Social Media detox challenge now!

Keep your phone away from your bed!

This is a big one as you’ve read above the stats for people having their phones in bed. Wonder why you’re tired the day after or you can’t understand why you find it hard to fall asleep? Well, if you’ve been on your mobile that is the problem.

Blue light that gets emitted from laptops, mobile devices, tablets etc. trick the brain in to thinking it’s daytime which is why you struggle to settle. Also, keeping your phone under your pillow or on your bed provides serious health and safety risks such as burning your mattress which could cause a fire and radiation being emitted from your mobile device can provide cancer risks.

Put your phone on the opposite side of the room and read a book so you can relax and get a good nights sleep.

Make online purchasing harder

I bet you’re asking how do you make purchasing harder – well the answer is plain and simple…stop saving your payment details online! Making purchases online when you have your details saved makes it ten times easier to buy this and buy that. Instead, why not plan a shopping trip then you’re not only getting out of bed, you’re socializing.

I bet the majority of you reading this right now are definitely guilty of this one! What’s better than not spending your entire wage? Saving up for a luxury trip away or even saving to buy something really nice.