Tips to detecting fake news

So what is fake news and why is it so common? Fake news is self explanatory. It’s news

So what is fake news and why is it so common?

Fake news is self explanatory. It’s news that is posted online, in papers etc. that is completely untrue. It is created and published with the intent to gain a reaction from others and to mislead people in getting the correct information. A common topics is politics and elections. A lot of people will twist what people say to paint them in a negative light.

Our blog today will give you some tips on how to detect fake news!


You may of heard about Donald Trump calling out newspapers at his speeches declaring them ‘fake news’. He has called out many media companies for releasing fake news. Why does he do this? Could be that the media are twisting his words and making him out to be a bad president. Why do they do this? To get attention from the public!

Be aware of headlines

Headlines can be an indication of fake news or real news. Depending on how it is worded, just be sure to investigate before believing it.


Investigate the source

When something hits the news, it’s everywhere usually which is why you need to investigate the news you have found. Check on different sites, newspapers etc. Articles will come up on Google if it is legit news. If it’s not then it’s either a rare and unpopular story OR it’s fake news.

Also, some news papers just can’t be reliable for giving us real and proper news. For example The Sun is a prime source for giving everyone false information. There has been stories about them making formal apologies for publishing information that isn’t true. I remember one time, a celebrity was critically ill but The Sun decided to publish that they had in fact died! This is a perfect example of fake news!


Check the photos

Sometimes checking the images from the article can identify if the news is fake or not. How you ask? Just drag the image in to the Google search bar and you can see where the image originates from. It will tell you if it is fake because the image will be under a different caption and title.


Look at the URL address

Sometimes, they URL address can be a bit suspicious. For example ‘The Daily Mail’ if you go on to their stories their URL is legit as it states who they are. If it’s an unusual address and it’s complicated, it could be someone advertising fake news.

Check the date of the post

The date is crucial. A good example would be if there is an important event coming up and it hasn’t even happened yet but an article has been published on it, then it’s obviously fake news. There can be articles that are outdated which is what some fail to realise when publishing fake news.

Some fake news is deliberate

Some publishers actually create fake new deliberately. The reason behind this is because it can actually cause a stir and grab people’s attention. The Sun makes numerous errors with publishing fake news, but is it deliberate? If it is then they are sure getting the reaction they wanted anyway!

So just be mindful of what you’re being told by the papers and online articles. With these handy tips for you, you’ll be able to spot fake news like a professional!