Tips for internet safety

I know we’re all completely mature and responsible adults, but not many of us know what the internet

I know we’re all completely mature and responsible adults, but not many of us know what the internet is capable of and what it means for our safety. That’s why our blog today is letting you know about what you should do to keep yourself safe online.

Everything online is permanent

We all know that recruiters look on social media for your profiles right? Well, if you didn’t know that then now is the time to keep reading and take note. Imagine posting how much of a wild night you had getting drunk with your friends or even posting about how annoying a colleague is of yours on Social Media? There’s no point in deleting it now because it can still be found!

Anything that gets posted online is permanent. Social Media is good to keep in touch with friends and post of how fab your holiday is but not as a personal ranting page. Just be careful about what you post because even though you may of deleted it, it’s always going to be found somewhere.

Don’t install recommended apps until you know it’s real

If you saw an app online that you think you would be interested in downloading it’s the perfect opportunity for hackers to be behind this. The best advice to give is that you shouldn’t just download anything you see, make sure it is the real deal first.

Malware is starting to become more discrete which is why people tend to be more fooled by it, especially when they don’t inspect the source it has come from.


Cover up your webcam when it’s not in use

Sounds incredibly silly but if you still have a webcam you should consider putting a bit of tape over the lens. Almost everyone is connected to the internet so it makes us all easier for hackers to get access to hardware and software. As ridiculous as it sounds people can actually spy on you via webcam.

Our 2017 article in the Saddleworth Independent Newspaper will give you more information about how it works.


 Have anti-virus installed on your PC

Anti-virus enhances the protection on your PC but blocked any backdoor activity. Eset is an anti virus software that we provide and can install on your PC’s for a very small and reasonable cost.


You can get in touch with us today to find out more information.

Have anti-malware installed on your PC

Ramsomware and Malware are disasters that can hit you at any time, so why put yourself through that traumatic stress when you can have Heimdal Security being your personal stress reliever.


We can put Heimdal on your PCs and run a security test every 3 or 6 months.



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