Top keyboard tips to make Internet browsing easier

There are many hidden secret keyboard shortcuts can that make your browsing much simpler, faster and easier! Check


Scrolling, typing, endless boredom of the manual way to use a computer; or so you think. Did you know that there are hidden tips and tricks to using a keyboard? There are specific combinations that can help you bring up pages, commands and other prompts much quicker and without the need to take your hands off the keyboard – ironic as it is but scroll down to find out!

Space - Shift+Space

Instead of scrolling with the mouse, press the space bar to go down a page and “Shift”+Space to go up a page.


To get to the address bar, instead of scrolling to the top of the screen, use “Ctrl+L” and it will highlight the address bar.


Tired of waiting for a page to NOT load? Press “Ctrl+R” to reload the page it’ll save time finding the refresh button!


Let’s say 3 tabs are open and you’re on the first one but need the third. Press “Ctrl+3” and it will go straight to that tab. 


To close a tab, instead of going to the ‘X’ on screen, use “Ctrl+W” on the tab you wish to close.


To open a new window, you can simply just use the command “Ctrl+N” and you can start to type instantly.


If you want to open a file from your desktop, all you need to do is “Ctrl+O” and it will open the window for you to select a file.


To check all of your downloads on Chrome, “Ctrl+J” will bring up any previous downloads on Chrome’s browser. 


To free up space or you want all the browsing history gone, “Ctrl+Shift+Backspace” will do the trick for you.

I know what you’re thinking – they’re cool and it makes everything faster rather than trying to find an icon or scrolling back to the top of a page. There are more keyboard tips online, but these are some that you may find most useful! 

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