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Managing the security of your Network can be often complex as you need to know what needs to

Managing the security of your Network can be often complex as you need to know what needs to be protected and how you need to secure it. Every business should and needs to take in to consideration the importance of protecting their customer and employee data, because they can suffer financially from business downtime. 

When recovering from a data breach, it takes an organisation around two or more days to return back to normal operations and procedures. Two days doesn’t sound like a lot, but in reality in a business environment it’s a lot of downtime. 

Our blog today will help you understand the need for Network Security and how you can make sure you take the relevant steps to becoming a secure organisation. 

Updating operating systems

The purpose of software updates is to patch up any vulnerabilities in the latest software. The longer you leave updates it is less likely for you to be protected and it can expose your PC to hackers. The best call-to-action is to check weekly. even daily for software updates and run them as soon as possible so you can maximize your protection.

Encrypt Hard Drives

For those who store laptops in the office or even in the boot of your car it still isn’t safe. Laptops are easily stolen from workplaces, cars etc. and even though you’ve password protected it, unfortunately that won’t stop the thief from gaining access. All they need to do is remove the hard drive and insert it 

in to another PC which will allow them access to all the files stored on your laptop. Encrypting the hard drive will secure all the data including the operating system.

Enforce Cyber Security rules

Every business small, medium or large need a cyber security policy and rules. If employees don’t understand what they are and aren’t allow to do whilst using PCs, this could lead to something serious. Downloading files off the internet is a common example. Internet files can contain malicious software

that can damage the business, so it would be a safe option to say all employees should avoid downloading anything online unless agreed with the director, manager etc. for work purposes. 

Creating a document for all employees will educate them on the use of PCs. 

Protect against harmful, malicious activity

Ransomware, spyware, malware all need to be protected against as I am sure you’re all aware these attacks are more common than what they used to be. Purchasing anti-ransomware and anti-virus packages will maximize the protection on your computer which will block any suspicious activity that you are unaware of. 

Anti-virus and anti-ransomware do not have the same functions so to make sure you’re fully protected having both packages will better secure your network and computer. 

Have a full Network audit

To make sure you don’t miss anything, the best thing to do would be to have a full Network audit for your business so that all the essential areas can be covered. For an IT professional they can indicate and highlight all the areas that are unprotected and make recommendations personally to your business so that the appropriate measures can be put in to action.

Concerned about your IT Security?

If you’re concerned about your Network Security and would like a full site audit, please fill in the contact form below and we will arrange an appointment that’s most convenient to you.


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