Top questions about Cloud Computing

The Cloud can be so confusing yet so simple. How technical is it? How does it work? We

The Cloud can be so confusing yet so simple. How technical is it? How does it work? We thought we’d give you a little insight to the top questions that get asked about Cloud Computing by small businesses.


What is the cost?

No business wants to be ripped off and even though your business may be small, the cloud is definitely worth it as a source of back up. Different Cloud providers can give you a free quote depending on the storage space that you require. Some are free if you have very little you need to store.

What is the security situation?

Like everything else, there’s always going to be a security risk with the Cloud. Not saying it’s a bad thing because nothing is ever one hundred percent secure. Even as IT experts, we wouldn’t lie to you, but the Cloud is one of the safest places to store your data as a secondary source. It is password protected, it can be encrypted, identification management and physical security.

There’s lots of information online about keeping your accounts safe including articles, YouTube videos you name it! Cyber Security is an increasing risk so there’s much more out there now to encourage businesses to take the relevant precautions.

Will I need extra IT help?

It’s always good to outsource your IT support as it benefits your business and takes more stress and strain off your business and most importantly yourself. If you have IT gurus at hand then they can deal with any issues and set ups whilst you sit back and continue doing an excellent job in your business!

Our article may gave you and insight as to why it’s good to outsource your IT Support.

How will I know if it’s right for my business?

You’ll have to give it time once it’s implemented but after a couple of months or when something drastic happens to your PCs then you’ll be able to tell! In all seriousness, look at issues that the cloud can and has resolved for the business and see how much less stress and worry it has caused you.

How can I make sure I can access all my data?

Ah the beauty of Wi-Fi! The best thing about the Cloud is that you can access it from any PC, device or electrical device as long as you have internet connection. Once you’re done using it, we would advise you to log out just in case you lose your mobile or your PC gets hacked, just to be on the safe side.


Interested in Cloud Computing?

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