Top tech hacks you need to know about!

From software secret to technology hacks, we all love some useful tips and hacks in our lives. Our

From software secret to technology hacks, we all love some useful tips and hacks in our lives. Our blog today will give you some top hacks that will entertain and help you go about your every day techy life.

Laptop charger keeps falling out?

Sometimes you just use your charger that much that it starts to fall out of the charging socket, so here’s a tip for you! Stick some Velcro around the edge of the charging port and then stick some more Velcro on the charger itself, so when you charge your laptop you won’t need to keep plugging it back in.


Tired of your phone charger cord breaking?

It’s so annoying when all the internal wires become exposed on your charger and then you’ve got to go and buy a new one. Problem solved with this easy hack…just remove the spring from the end of a ball point pen and stretch it a little. Place it at the top of the charger where you connect your phone, and then your charger will last twice as long and will reduce the cord from fraying.


Stop your earphones knotting on their own

Nothing is more frustrating in the entire world than neatly wrapping your headphones up in your pocket and pulling them out to be in hundreds of knotts! With this hack, your problems will be made so much easier and save you much more time than having to untie all them tricky knotts.

Take a bottle cork and wrap the headphones around it, and plug the port in to the bottom of the cork, so not only does it save your messy pocket problem, it also keeps it nice and neat and less of a risk of you breaking the earphones.


Need to jot something down quickly?

Instead of panicking whilst on the phone trying to find a pen and paper, just simply enter “data:text/html, <html contenteditable>” in to the search bar and it will allow you to open a temporary notepad on your PC instantly.


Get Google to proofread your documents

When we write a long document, we sometimes can’t be bothered re-reading it or when you look at something for so long you miss the errors. Just go to Google Translate and copy the document  in the translate box and get it to read the document back to you by click the speakers.


Clean up your documents

If Google Translate didn’t pick up any errors, you can paste the document on and it will clear any typos and correct any incorrect grammar on the document, making it practically perfect for you!

Charge your phone faster

Need to charge your phone but you have very little time? Put your phone on Airplane mode and it’ll charge much faster. This is because your data will not be roaming and will be stopped so your phone has better chance on concentrating on charging your phone instead of receiving messages, updating apps etc.



There are millions of useful hacks that you can find on the internet, but these are just some of the top few that can make your life a little less stressful