Top tips for your Apple remote

In conjunction with new Apple TV, Apple launched a new remote control with a touch sensitive glass surface

In conjunction with new Apple TV, Apple launched a new remote control with a touch sensitive glass surface and support for Siri.

The remote is an ultra capable unit that allows the user to interact with your TV in a variety of different ways. It also uses Bluetooth 4.0 to communicate with the box which means you don’t need line of sight for control. However, its tiny size means that it can get lost between your sofa cushions quite easily!

We have some top tips for the new Apple TV remote:

– Adjust the sensitivity of the Touch surface.

A problem with the remote’s sensitivity is that everybody swipes differently and it can be quite tricky when inputting text. To solve this, Go to Settings > Remotes and Devices > Touch Surface Tracking and choose medium, fast, or slow to change the sensitivity.

– Clean up movie dialogue.

When loud effects bombard a movie and you can’t make out what the characters are saying, Apple TV has a feature to combat this. Just ask Siri to ‘reduce loud sounds’ and the dialogue will become much clearer.

– Use the remote to control your other TV.

Did you know that the Apple remote can control basic functions on other compatible televisions? If your equipment supports HDMI-CEC (which is often referred to by manufacturer-specific names such as SimpLink, EasyLink, Bravia Link, Anycast, or CEC), the remote can be used to adjust volume or turn everything off when the Apple TV is put into sleep mode.

– Manually start the screensaver.

If you fancy looking out over a sweeping landscape one evening rather than watching tele, you can easily trigger one of Apple’s screensavers. To activate just keep tapping the Menu button — paging backward through as many menus as necessary — until the screensaver appears.

– Zoom in!

If you’d like a closer look at the action, you can use the remote to magnify a section of the screen. Turn this feature on in Settings > General > Accessibility and then trigger by clicking across the touch surface three times.

– Shuffle between apps.

Simply double click the Home button to show a row of thumbnails with all the apps that you have open. Swipe to the one that you would like to select and click!

– Check the charge.

An alert will show up onscreen when your remote is in need of battery life. But if you would like to be more prepared, you can check your battery level at any time by going to settings> Remotes and Devices > Bluetooth.

– Delete an app.

Hold down on the touchpad until the icon starts to wiggle and hit the play/pause button. A confirmation box will pop up, just to make sure you really want to delete it, then click yes and say bye bye app!