Top tips to be a Social Networking guru!

Have you ever wondered how someone can get so many followers on Twitter and Instagram? Don’t worry we

Have you ever wondered how someone can get so many followers on Twitter and Instagram? Don’t worry we have too. Social Networking is the most popular way of getting customers, never mind all that printing shenanigans it’s all about the internet now!

We would like to introduce our top tips for you be on your way to becoming a social networking pro!

Join networks and groups


There are lots of social networking groups online, particularly Facebook and Twitter. There are groups for within your industry or just for businesses in general. It’s a good way to connect with others and make them aware of your business and what you do so they can either become a client or they can recommend your services to others. The more you get yourself out there the more you’re likely to get noticed.

Make your business appear everywhere!

There’s so many social media platforms that you can sign up to and the best way to show people who you are is by being on every social media platform! The recommended ones are Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin.

On a personal level, LinkedIn is the most ideal business wise because it’s just a business networking site. Creating your business page and personal page allows you to link them together. With LinkedIn, you need to make sure your profile is as detailed as possible because it shows others that you make the effort and take pride in showing what skills and experience you have to offer!


Connect, connect, connect!

How are you supposed to post and get people interested if you don’t connect or follow them? Connecting is the most important thing being on social networking sites because people will be noticing you and they can also refer you to other people. Building contacts is the best way forward for a business.

However, do not just follow anyone because they may not have any relevance to you or your business what-so-ever. The trick is to search for people in your audience group and connect with them.

TIP: Connecting with your customers and clients can help build close relationships online and they can also brag about how good you are!

Interact with your connections

People tend to be more attracted to your pages when you interact with them. It doesn’t have to be business topics (unless it’s on LinkedIn) but with mainly Twitter and Facebook, general conversations and responses to their posts is what they like. To be honest if our business page was sat there and not interacting then nobody would see who we are. THIS IS AN EXCUSE TO BE ANTISOCIAL!

Schedule your posts throughout the day

Regular posting means you’ll appear on someone’s timeline more often. If you post something in the morning, it’ll be so far down the timeline you may as well not bother posting because the more recent posts appear first. The average posts on Facebook is around 3 times a day and on Twitter it’s about 5 times a day. Using Tweetdeck will help you schedule your tweets and you can do it manually on your business profile page.

TIP: Space your posts out through the day and try not to spam people with your posts or they may just unfollow you

Post relevant content

You have to be aware of what your audience want to know about. You can do this on Twitter (see image below). When you know what your audience likes you can schedule posts that may interest them. Facebook and Twitter are the less business like sites so you as well as business content you can also post some uplifting content (e.g. what’s going on in the office, motivational posts, staff outings, anything really). Have a look at our page and see what kind of content we post. It may give you some inspiration.


TIP: Use #hashtags on Twitter, people search for words and not profiles – see what’s trending such as #motivationmonday or #throwbackthursday that can attract people to your page.

Create a visual picture of your business

You can customize your Twitter profile by having certain colours to it. With Aspect IT, the colour to our page is the colour of our logo. Include a bio (a brief description of what you do), a link to your website and where you are based. If you paint a visual picture of your business it can attract people even more!


So that is all of our top tips to help you get set and going to becoming a social media guru! – Good luck!