Twitter is finally starting to tackle online trolls

About trolling There’s always going to be unnecessary abuse people get on social media for god knows what

About trolling

There’s always going to be unnecessary abuse people get on social media for god knows what reason. Whether they severely disagree with something, or they get a kick out of making someone feel awful, either way it’s not right at all. It has taken Twitter 6 months to start to fully clamp down on Twitter trolls, but it’s better late than never right?

What is being done?

From reports and blog posts by the General Manager, he has stated how they are tackling the online abuse:

  • They can now identify repeat abusers. When their original account has been shut down, they create a new account in which Twitter has become better at detecting when they sign up again to carry on the abuse.
  • There are accounts that get put in to ‘Timeout’ which blocks the abusers from spreading their opinions and content publicly
  • They have a quality filter which is designed to take out certain types of tweets in someone’s mentions which are deemed inappropriate


You may notice that a lot of celebrities either aren’t on social media or were or on social media have come off it. For some reason, they tend to get a lot of abuse from online trolls so to save all the agro, they just decide to come off the social media platform. Obviously they have high profiles then us who aren’t celebrities so they’re more known to people, so they will usually be a bigger target.

Celebrities like Kanye West and Lindsay Lohan have quit the platform as they have received constant abuse and if we’re honest with ourselves, we’re pretty sure you would abandon the platform if you were being constantly trolled.

Depending on how serious the abuse was, they can be investigated and the police can become involved as it can be categorized under hate crime (believe it or not, people have made numerous threats when they we literally going to do nothing at all).

What if you receive online abuse?

If you get online abuse for minding your own business, then you know that you’ve not done anything wrong at all. The best advice would be to ignore it and just either carry on as normal or come off the platform completely.

Also if you feel the constant abuse is too much and you feel like they need to be taken off the platform, you can always report their profile to Twitter and they will investigate the complaint.