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Welcome to Issue 49 of The View

We have a lot going on at the moment in Aspect IT this month, and we love nothing more than keeping you in the loop. We bid farewell and good luck to one of our Software Developers and some advice on what to do if your laptop gets stolen. 

Good luck Connor we'll miss you!

IMG_7116It's time to bid farewell and good luck to one of our Software Developers, Connor who is off to the University of Leeds to study High Performance Graphics and Games Engineering for a year. 
Connor joined us in November 2016 after graduating from the University of Bradford with a BSC HONS in Computer Science, and has demonstrated his many talents in software development, website development...and eating chocolates and sweets! It is sad to see him go but we're sure you will join us in wishing him well and good luck! 

Stolen laptop? No problem

theifSo worst case scenario you've had your car broken in to and your laptop stolen. As bad as it seems, it's not all bad! Why? Because even though you're worried about your files on your laptop especially private ones being looked at, that is where we come in.
We can completely wipe everything off your laptop with just a couple of clicks here and there so we can stop them being tampered with! If you would like more information please contact our helpdesk gurus!

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