The View: Issue 50

It’s our 50th edition of The View It’s back to work and the holiday blues will of kicked

The View: Issue 50


It’s our 50th edition of The View

It’s back to work and the holiday blues will of kicked in. Don’t worry, we’re here to give you our 50th edition of The View, and we’ll definitely help you get back in to the swing of things! We’ve got some great blogs and articles to read to give you that mid-day pick up.

History of Aspect IT

As this is our 50th newsletter, we thought it would be great to give you a little bit of background on Aspect IT and where it all started.

Aspect IT was formed in 2003 by Peter and Ian. Peter, who is a Software Developer, graduated at the University of Huddersfield with a BA (hons) in Computing in Business. He has previously worked as a programmer/analyst before starting up Aspect IT with Ian. Ian is an IT Consultant who graduated from Bradford University with a BSc (hons) in Computer Science. He has previously worked for numerous other businesses before co-directing Aspect IT with Peter.

It started off as two and fourteen years later, we have a fantastic team of eight!

Our top 5 blogs of all time!

To celebrate our 50th edition of The View, here are our top 5 blogs of all time! Since day 1 we’ve been posted blogs almost every and these are the top ones you’ve decided on:
1. Top tips for office 365
2. Bathroom gadgets 2017
3. Hilarious iPhone Siri responses
4. Dyson and the internet of things
5. How to sync all your cloud storage accounts

Our latest lunch time blogs for you

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More of our pick-me up lunchtime blogs

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