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It's Monday morning and there's nothing better than a little motivation to get you prepared for the busy week ahead. We'll bring you our top stories including what you can do to enhance your business profile, our exciting office refurbishment, our top blogs of the month and our November article for the Saddleworth Independent Newspaper.

Expand your digital knowledge with Google Garage

Do you want to open up your skills and knowledge in the marketing business? Google Digital Garage is a FREE online course that you can take in working your way up to be a marketing Guru and gives you a digital garage certificate at the end (which you can include on your CV!).

It's a great help for getting to know what and how to market in a business, so you can adapt some of the techniques to your own business plan. 

Our new office refurbishment

Talk about old to modern! After years of being in the office, we have finally brought in a more modern design. Green and orange walls, a gorgeous grey carpet and a relaxing chill out area for our cheeky 5 minute break from our computers. We definitely think Peter has a little design streak in him! 

Top Tech Tips for 2017

We're one step closer to 2018 and blimey how fast it's gone! 

We've had our monthly articles in the Saddleworth Independent Newspaper, and before the year is out, here are some of our top tips for 2017 from our January article.

Our latest, useful blogs

Our top viewed blogs for November