The View: Issue 60

Our new website is is currently in development and it's looking great! We also congratulate Danielle on completing

The View: Issue 60

Welcome to edition 60 of The View

There is a lot of preparation and hard work at Aspect IT, even more so than usual! The Software Development team are working on something BIG and we congratulate Danielle on completing her apprenticeship!

Coming Soon!

Take a few last looks at our current website because we are in the process of having a revamp! With added features and a completely new look, you will be able to find information quicker and get an even better user experience with Aspect IT’s new website. 

Well Done Danielle on completing your apprenticeship


Danielle has been with Aspect IT for just under a year, completing her Level 4 Digital Marketing Apprenticeship. 

We can now confirm that Danielle has now completed her apprenticeship and will become the Marketing Executive for Aspect IT.

Congratulations on completing your apprenticeship and welcome officially to the team!

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