The View: Issue 62

There's no better Tuesday than keeping you up to date with our latest newsletter. We have our IT

The View: Issue 62

Happy Tuesday! We hope you all had a fantastic Easter and bank holiday weekend. It’s time to get back to the grind and we have some exciting news for you! We hear from our IT Manager, Ian Heywood, on the importance of protecting your business online, the launch of our new website and our latest blog for your lunch-time read.

The importance of Cyber Security

“Cyber crime is more common and users need to understand about protecting their devices. Always install the updates for your devices, be it Microsoft Windows, Apple or Android devices. Make sure you have a good anti-virus program installed and that this is also updated regularly; backup any important data you have to a USB drive, the cloud or even better, both. 

Users need to be vigilant when opening emails which they are not sure about. If you are not expecting an email, or it looks suspicious, it is best to delete it anyway” Ian Heywood, IT Manager

Our new website is LIVE

After some hard work over the past couple of months, we can finally announce to you all that our NEW website is officially LIVE!

We have introduced a more modern design, added features including searching, the ability to have your say on our blogs with a comment section and more. 

Take a visit round the site and see what you think of the new design.

Our latest blog

How much do you know about Ransomware? 
Our latest blog will give you an insight as to where it originates from, how it has evolved
and what you can do to to improve
business protection.

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