What do viruses, trojans and other malware actually do?

You hear about all these so-called viruses and malware, but realistically it’s all complete and utter jargon. I

You hear about all these so-called viruses and malware, but realistically it’s all complete and utter jargon. I mean I bet lots of people question what exactly is a Trojan horse? Don’t you worry because we’ll drill down on all the details to make it much better for you to understand what they are and how they can affect you.

What is a virus?

A virus is a a piece of coding that is designed for cyber criminals to enter and destroy other peoples data. There are several ways that a hacker can get to your data and it’s rather sneaky! They pretend to be someone of a professional nature (e.g. your bank) through emails making you click on links, they get in through the back door of your PC (which can happen if you don’t fully protect your PC with anti virus software) and managing to steal your account details for your PC.


Trojan Horse


A Trojan horse virus is designed to get unauthorized access to a computer system so that data can be encrypted and tampered with to destroy the existing files of the user. It’s almost the same as a regular virus but they just have different names and they function differently.

It’s named after the Greek Mythology as it is designed to be something else, but once it gets inside the computer system it will allow the hackers to do exactly what they want. Anti virus software will protect against Trojan horse viruses and many other viruses which is why we would advise you to do this.

Malware explained

Malware groups lots of viruses together, but there are more than one kind which makes them all unique to each other. As a whole is a piece of software that is designed to destruct and destroy a PC’s internal software system. Cyber criminals can tamper with data and encrypt the files, meaning that they will no longer be recognized by the software and cannot be opened.

Nobody knows exactly why people do this to PC’s but if you don’t take the appropriate action to protect your PC, you are more vulnerable and more likely to be exposed. Anti virus software is designed to put a gate up in a way to keep out those who try and gain unauthorized access. It’ll work in your favor and costs close to nothing.

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