How are VoiP phones the future of business phone systems?

Business phone systems are changing and we want you to be prepared for the future. VoiP phone systems

VoiP stands for Voice over internet Protocol which means any phone calls made via this system is done over the internet. As technology is continuously evolving we will soon be living in a technological universe. The history of telephone systems have come a long way and in the next few years it will change completely to how it is now. 

Our blog today will explain why VoiP phones are the future of business telephone systems and why.

Why are telephone systems changing?


The future is becoming more depending on technology and the internet. One hundred years ago, life was completely different as there was no such thing as technology, no such thing as computers, smartphones or anything like that. In the future it is said that robots will end up taking over our jobs as tech becomes the number one

reliability. With telephone systems however, the internet and the cloud is becoming more dependent with businesses rather than the standard ISDN lines. 

What are telephone systems running on now?


At the moment, many lines are ISDN which is what has been happening for years. They run through copper wires to transmit the phone calls. There are also VoiP methods in place which runs through the internet and the cloud which is becoming more popular. 

Reports from BT shows that ISDN lines are phasing out and by 2020

all businesses will be running off VoiP systems as you will not be able to purchase ISDN lines and by 2025 will be the switch off time for them. Now is the time to start thinking about your business and how you can prepare yourself for the technological changes. 

Why it's better to do it now


Preparation is key! It is better to have the system in place sooner rather than later so that you can ensure you get the best product for your business for the best price with your budget. Last minute planning and purchasing can lead to complete panic and without understanding what VoiP is this can lead to problems internally due to lack of knowledge throughout your employees. 

How to prepare yourself with VoiP


As VoiP is starting to become more demanding, we would suggest you get in there as soon as you can so that all systems can be replaced with the new telephone system. We are a reseller of 3CX which is a VoiP system and it can be hosting by us or by yourselves it entirely depends on what is best for your business. 

You can read more about VoiP on our service page, or even better by speaking to one of our team members today. Even if you want to just find more about the product initially, we are happy to take your call and if required we can come and visit you onsite to give you a better idea of the system itself. 

Now you know why VoiP is the future of telephone systems for businesses, why not have a see if your business should get VoiP? >>>>

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