Tools to help you build and monitor your website

There’s nothing worse than having a live website, and having no clue if you’re doing right or wrong

There’s nothing worse than having a live website, and having no clue if you’re doing right or wrong with it. There are so many tools out there that can help you build a successful website. Our blog today gives you some tools that we use and others that we recommend for you.

Google Analytics

Every business that has a website needs Google Analytics. It’s the main tool that helps you establish your audience and what pages they like. It can go in to great detail about your audience which can determine how successful certain elements in your business are. For example, if you posted a link via social media and someone clicked on that link, it will show you that someone accessed your website from social media. It’s a perfect tool and a must have!

Don’t have it? You can find a guide to setting it up here


SEO Site checker

Not sure if your SEO plan is working? Well SEO site checker can help! All you need to do is copy and paste your website’s URL in the search bar and it’ll give you all the results you need. It can record some of the following:

  • Keywords used most often on the website
  • How well your meta title and meta description is structured
  • The loading time of your website
  • What is good and bad about your website

It’s great to know what is and isn’t working on your site, because if there are failed checks then you know what to do to improve them.



WordPress is a content management system that is used for created websites, blogs, everything – you name it! It’s a good tool to use as you can generate and create content however you wish.

The only downside is that you have limitations on a free subscription, but it doesn’t stop you from making a great website! It just doesn’t have every single feature available to you. If you haven’t already, I suggest you sign up to it because you can build great things from it.


Google AdWords

If you want to really push your website, then Google Adwords could be something for you to look in to. It’s a Google website that allows you to run Paid-search campaigns (the websites that appear in the yellow boxes of the first page).

It’s more than likely that people don’t go past the 1st page of the search engine so you’re lucky if you get on the first page organically. You get charged a certain by small amount of money if someone clicks on your site, and you can monitor this through analytics. It can show you how successful the ad is and if it’s worth you paying or not.


There are many programs for you to download and sign up to that can help you with your website. You can always search on Google for programs to download and I can tell you now that there are countless programs. The above are just some that we use and are the most effective.