The weirdest gadgets of 2017

There’s a lot more technology developments out there and they go from weird to even weirder! Today’s blog

There’s a lot more technology developments out there and they go from weird to even weirder! Today’s blog will update you on the most strangest gadgets of 2017 that will be released later on this year.

Hushme (£160) – later on this year

Hushme-gadgetHannibal lecter

Are you tired of people eavesdropping on your conversations? Well this gadget will solve that problem in no time. Introducing the Hushme gadget; the bluetooth headset or in this case mouthset that will make your conversations more private than ever before. When you attach it round your mouth, it will muffle the sound so that nobody can tell what you or the recipient will be talking about. So no matter how hard it is for someone to try and listen, they will not hear one word! – on the design side, it looks like you’re a new improved Hannibal Lecter…

Geko Smart Whistle – Out now (£40)


So this is a perfect gadget for when you get lost or are in some sort of trouble. Once this whistle is blown, it will message and call your contacts with your GPS location. Now if you ask me it’s a pretty cool gadget to have – the design is pretty good! You can buy this gadget on Ebay for just £40.

Smart fridge-cam – spring 2017 (£99.99)


Okay so you’re hungry…what do you do? You get up and go to the fridge to see what’s inside that you can eat. The Smart fridge cam lets you be lazy and view what’s in the fridge by a single camera that you place on the inside of the door. It also tracks expiry dates too so you don’t have to physically check. For someone who loves to lounge around it’s the gadget from heaven!

Nightingale Smart Home Sleep System – February in US (£120) 


You’re bound to get some form of weird noise or sound coming from outside your house and you can’t get to sleep because of it. Well now you can! With the Nightingale plug-in, you can sleep through all those distracting noises. How you say? Well just plug it in to your wall socket and it will cover the room in ‘blankets’ of sound that mask any kind of noise…EVEN SNORING!


Jagger and Lewis Smart Dog collar – April 2017 (£160)


Calling to any dog owners, this is the gadget for you! Have you ever looked at your dog and wondered what they were feeling. They may look amused but are they really? You will be able to tell with the Jagger and Lewis Smart Dog collar. Just pop the collar on the dog and Bob’s your uncle. You can tell what your dog is feeling when it’s sleeping, eating and walking. The colour of the colar will indicate their mood and tell whether your dog is stressed or has allergies.


There are so many more strange gadgets but let’s see which ones are a success!


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