5 of the weirdest gadgets of all time!

Imagine finding a gadget for everything you do on a day-to-day basis? Chances are someone probably already has.

Everything we encounter in life there always seems to be an inventor that comes up with a strange and pointless gadget that intrigues us all. After gathering and researching all the (potentially) pointless and weirdest gadgets, we’ve narrowed it down to the ones we find the strangest!

1. Personal egg minder

‘Have I ran out of eggs?’ Nothing more frustrating than not knowing if you’re out of eggs or not! That’s why this egg minder syncs with your iPhone to let you know when you’re nearly out of eggs. It also lets you know when your eggs are nearly at its expiration date so you can stock them back up with fresh eggs from the supermarket. – weird or wonderful?


2. Onvi Prophix

The toothbrush that makes sure you clean your teeth properly! Nothing better than a gadget that lets you see the inside of your mouth (I think). Your can sync your phone to the toothbrush and will give you a live video from the


inside of your mouth. There’s a 10 mega-pixel camera built in to your mouth so you’ll have no problems in getting the perfect smile. 

3. Smart fork - HapiFork

Are you one of those people that just inhale your food? Well with this smart fork you can instantly slow right down as it senses when you’re eating too quickly. Indigestion is a common form of eating your food too quick so this may be a new experiment you could try!


4. Ice Cream lock

If you can’t put down the spoon when it comes to eating ice-cream or someone keeps dipping their spoon in what’s yours then this is the gadget for you! This Ben & Jerry’s Euphori lock allows you to put a lock on the ice-


cream with a 3 digit combination that only you or someone else knows depending on the situation. 

I don’t know about you but I’d let someone else set the code for me!

5. Back-scratch t-shirt

“Up a bit, to the left, down a bit, no up a bit”

Find yourself saying this to your personal back scratcher? With this back scratching t-shirt you can easily direct them to the exact spot you desperately need itching! It helps you get a quick relief rather than getting more itchy by the minute!


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