What is a firewall?

Firewalls are essential in a business. They help defend against unauthorized access and attacks through your business network.

Firewalls are vital to have in a Network as they enhance and maximize the protection and risk. If you’re not quite sure what one is and the purpose of it is then you’ve definitely come to the right place. It can be quite technical so to help you understand it fully we’ll take it down a notch!

Firewalls explained

In a way it’s self explanatory which is that it is a wall that is designed to block and stop unauthorized access to your Network. If this happens then the consequences can be life changing for a business. When you have one installed, it will monitor effectively the incoming and outgoing activity on the Network. 

The term is a metaphor for as it relates to the physical fire wall. Without a firewall in place the fire can cause permanent or long last damage which is what can happen to a business if there isn’t one in place.

What a firewall protects

Without a firewall it exposes your Network to anyone on the Internet which means hackers and cyber criminals can gain access and steal personal information about clients, employees and the business itself. 

There are different types of firewalls:

  • Packet filtering – small blocks of data are analyzed and sent through filters to check for anything suspicious
  • Proxy service – Information from the internet and from your Network passes through the firewall and gets sent to the requesting system for approval
  • Stateful inspection – Examines the contents of each group of data and compares to the trusted information. If they match it is passed through the firewall, but if not then it is discarded

Don't wait until it's too late

When a threat strikes, you’re pretty much in trouble. With GDPR coming in next month you need to be more prepared than ever or you could end up facing the consequences that no business wants. 

The best way to describe it is if you do not have a firewall in place on your Network, you are giving online criminals the hammer to damage your business. 

Protect your business Network with firewalls so that you become invisible to those on the Internet. 

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