What is Microsoft Office 365 email?

Office 365 is one of the best and most efficient platforms to use for email via the Cloud.

Office 365 is a Cloud based email system that has many capabilities to enhance flexibility in a business. Not only that but with the features included with the subscription, it allows all employees to become closer with work and make communication much easier and efficient. Our blog today will highlight how it can differ to other platforms and why it is so highly recommended by IT professionals. 

Features of Office 365 email



Access your emails anywhere as long as you have Internet connection. It can be access on any device too!



A more secure email system with data loss prevention and email encryption. 



Personalize your own account with themes, colors, fonts etc. Make your user experience better!



Emails allow you to integrate other Office 365 apps such as OneDrive file storage and many other applications.



Create rules for your inbox which can set where they go, what folders they land in etc. 



This feature picks up your reading habits and moves less important emails to a ‘clutter’ folder.

Office 365 for business

For 365 in business, it’s an easier solution especially for those organisations who have employees working out of the office and on the go. It’s easy access and keeps the communication flowing smoothly. The Cloud is becoming increasingly reliant for programs as it is a safer and more efficient alternative to physical items being stored on just one PC; plus the Cloud gives you better access. 

Implementing Office 365

As a proud and supportive re seller of Office 365, we can give you the emailing package for an amazing price per license. Designed for all business sizes we can help you make the most out of your business communications. 

For more information about the email package, you can visit our page or alternatively get in touch to find out more by filling in your details below. 



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