Why is Ransomware so effective?

Do I pay the ransom? What is ransomware? These are just two of the many questions about the

Many businesses question why Ransomware attacks happen to them. Are they a target? Have they got the right measures in place? The most important question to ask is: “Should you pay the fine?”  

Our answer is no. When a business pays the ransom to get their data back, it’s often unlikely that they will get some if not all the information and files back which puts the company in a lose situation. The immediate response is to pay it right away but that will encourage the hackers to continue doing this to other businesses. Our blog today is to explain to you why Ransomware is so successful and some HOT tips on what to do during an attack. 

Lack of knowledge

As an IT company we are fully aware of Ransomware and we have seen attacks ourselves, so we have experience in detecting attacks and blocking them from causing further damage to a business. You may be aware of the whole topic, but may not know what to look out for and how to act in an attack and what steps to 

take. This is common in lots of organisations and we stress that you act as soon as possible. How? Well this is the part we tell you to keep reading!

Businesses pay the ransom

It would be awful and devastating to lose your data so if you give the hacker what they want then you can get your data back unharmed. Sorry to break the news to you, but paying the ransom may not get all your data back. Hackers have got what they want and have no intention of taking pity on you and it’s not their data so

they won’t care what they do with it. On this note, it is our Que to say..DO NOT PAY THE RANSOM. It encourages the attackers to continue with these attacks and it can put a financial strain on your business due to down time. 

Not enough protection

The main reason for ransomware getting on to your PC is you not having enough protection in place to block and prevent unauthorized access. Organizations need to do more and be more cautious about what they access and how they use the internet and monitor their email inbox.

We have blogs and articles across our website based on Ransomware and there are millions of article online to help and guide you to making sure your business is on lock down from Ransomware attacks. 

What you must do to enhance protection

In protecting your business it works on your part and on the experts part. A combination of software and support is vital in this process because it gives your business the extra security rather than doing it all yourselves. Here are THREE main tips for you to take on board:

EDUCATE – They say knowledge is power, so if you and your employees are educated on Cyber Security they will know what to do in an attack situation and will take more care whilst using their PC. 

PROTECT – Software and a support team will be the defense mechanism you need. An IT team will take care of you whenever something goes wrong and can give you the most professional advice. Software will help patch unusual activity and keep a tight lock on your operating system which of course the IT team can make recommendations for you. 

VIGILANCE – No matter what you should always be vigilant about updates, downloads, activity, incoming emails etc. If undetected it can do some serious damage unless you pay close attention and catch it out before it strikes. 

Act now!

To save your business from experienced a data breach and a complete meltdown, act NOW by filling in your details below and we will contact you to discuss how you can advance your protection scheme. 


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