Preparing your PC for the Windows 10 April update 2018

The latest Windows 10 update has been released and you need to prepare your PC for a big

Microsoft has brought out their latest updates for their PCs – the Windows 10 Spring Creators Update. To avoid any loss of your data and to make sure the updates runs smoothly, we would like to dedicate this blog post to you and any users that will be updating their PC with this update.

The new update has been rolled out today and is available for you to download.

Back up your files

Before you action the update ensure all your files are backed up either to a hard drive or the Cloud. This way if anything goes wrong or an unexpected error occurs you have a backup of all your files and nothing will be lost.

To backup your files on your PC go to:

Setting > Update & Security > Backup

Backup your whole PC

Not only do you need to back up your files, but in case a serious glitch occurs mid update, this can lead to errors on your PC and loss of settings. By backing up your whole system it will save any setting your have so in the event of a reset you have your previous settings backed up.


Clean your PC

Not literally, but updates requires a significant amount of space to install the updates. Getting rid of unwanted files, documents, images etc. will reduce the data and allow the software to update without any issues. 

If you try and update the software and it doesn’t have enough room it will notify you that the updates cannot take place due to lack of storage.

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