How can a WordPress website help my business?

If your business isn't online already you are missing an opportunity for more business and to compete with

With so many web design platforms to work on it can be difficult to tell which would be the more beneficial platform for your business’ website. WordPress is a commonly used platform for blogging and building websites. It has lots of capabilities that can make your online image stand out from the rest. Our blog today will explain some of the reasons why.

It's more than a website building platform

WordPress is a Content Management System that brings you several options. All of our blogs are created on the platform as well as our website which means we can manage our content through one platform. 

You have complete control over your website and it’s easy to update yourself. You need the skills to create a completely new website, but managing the updates yourself is easy and simple to do. 


Search Engine Friendly


Any page or post you create has an SEO section which allows you to highlight a keyword and mark your page as red, amber or green. This will indicate as to how well your page is read and how it would effect the search engine rankings. 

It provides tips on how to improve it so you can make sure you benefit fully from the platform.

Available plugins and add ons

To make things even more interesting, you can have different plugins that give your website different and unique features. Have a browse of our website and we guarantee you’ll find something new on almost every page!

You can choose from the many plugins which ones you want to use and can insert them anywhere on the page using the page builder.


Free templates available


If you decide to take on WordPress yourself and not quite sure how to get started, WordPress offers free templates which can help you get started. The disadvantage of this is that your design may be similar to other web sites. To do it all free handed you need to have a design streak in you and also the knowledge and skill of WordPress.

Want to get your business off to a great start?

Our WordPress web design service can give your business the extra and unique edge to compete online for customers. If you would like some more information and a free quote, fill out the contact form below and we will contact you to discuss your requirements.


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