Pros and cons of working from home

If you haven’t already experienced working from home, you may know that it’s great for being on your

If you haven’t already experienced working from home, you may know that it’s great for being on your own to knuckle down in to the projects that you need to get done. The question is, are you motivated enough to be in your most comfortable surroundings? Our blog today will tell you the pros and cons of working from home and some tips to help you stay concentrated when you work at home.


You’re free

I don’t suppose you’d be able to jump around the office and do what you please like you can at home? Working at home gives you the pleasure of doing what you like in your own home and not having to obey to office rules. (plus you get to put on whatever music you want!)


The most travelling you’ll do is from your bed to your office and your office to the fridge. There’s no better feeling than getting out of bed and not having to rush about trying to get dressed and get to work without being caught in the morning traffic! Absolute bliss.

Dress code

Ok so I’m sure every single one of you respect the dress code, but imagine just being able to work in your dressing gown or just a pair of tracksuit bottoms and your comfort hoodie. Working in your comfies can make you feel chilled out (not too chilled out you’re working remember!) and hopefully less stressed.

Work and personal schedule

If you have children that need to be picked up from school, it suits you better working from home as you can return to your desk/office right away once they have been picked up instead of having to pay for after school care and stressing about who picks them up. Also if you have children who aren’t yet ready for school, you can look after them during the day as well as working at home, saves you money on a childminder.


Self discipline 

The main thing about working from home is that you’re in your comfiest environment so you need to be extremely motivated to start work like you would in the office. When you know you’re only moving downstairs or to the room next door to start work it can always be tempting to say to yourself ‘5 more minutes’. The easiest thing to do would be to get straight out of bed and get down to it.


Depending on how practical your job is, you may have to plan things out so it can take up any spare room in your home, and with your own personal possessions as well it can make your home appear messy.


Sometimes there’s a risk of overworking if you’re at home. When you’re in the office you can just finish off the last little bits off and leave for the night, but if you work from home you know subconsciously you can access the project/work you need so it’s always tempting to go back and work a little more on it. You need to let yourself detox from a busy day as it can easily catch up with you.


Keep in contact with the office

Maintaining regular contact with the office can help you remind yourself that you’re working from home. It sounds silly but sometimes when you are at home you’re at your most relaxed and it can often let you slip in to relaxed mode when you’re working.

Home hours = office hours

Keep your hours like they are at the office. Take your lunch break so you can prepare yourself for the afternoon and clock off when your supposed to. Overtime can have an impact on you and your personal life.

Act like you’re at the office

It’s up to you with the dress code at home, but always try and act like you’re in the office so you have a constant reminder that you’re at work and not having a day off. It makes you more productive if you know that you can’t just sit there and chill out.