Top tips for World Backup Day in business and for individuals

World Backup Day is on Sunday 31st March. We want to stress the importance of the essentials to

It’s World Backup Day this coming Sunday and we want to make sure you’re backing up your data and that you are doing it correctly. Every day businesses and individuals lose data because they fail to follow the simple and basic procedure of backups. World Backup Day came about to remind you and organizations to backup your data even if it is once a year. 

No matter how safe and reliable you think your computer systems are, there’s always a small chance of data going missing and being unable to restore it. Whether it be accidental loss or a cyber breach it is always essential that you backup your data. Today’s blog will help you to understand why it is so important and provide some useful tips on backing up your files.

Why it's useful to backup data

A backup has many uses and people often question if they should or why they should do this. Well you have come to the right place because once you read this blog it will have a whole new impact on you and your data. We’re sure that you know what a backup is at least because it’s spoke about a lot these days, especially with cyber crime on the rise.


percent of people haven't backed up their data


percent of disasters are caused by mistake


in 10 PCs are infected with a virus each month

Different types of backup

There are a couple of backup options that you can take advantage of. One of the most recommended forms of backups by IT companies like us is the Cloud. The reasons being is that it is increasingly becoming more secure and protected. Should anything happen to your data, you have the Cloud which you can log in to and restore your data from. In addition there are also the following:

  • USB – a portable device means that you can not only access your files from anywhere with your USB, but that you have a backup completely unrelated to your PC.
  • Offsite – this is where your backup data is stored offsite on a server that isn’t directly connected to your internal network. It’s s safer option because if you become hacked and your data is encrypted, you have an outsourced backup elsewhere that they will never know about. 

Top tips to data backup


Keep more than one copy


Backup your data regularly


Use the Cloud as a secure solution


Automate the process for less responsibility


Trust your IT team either in-house or outsourced

To conclude this post, we would like to say overall that no matter what you do, you should always have some form of backup in place. Without this it can cause frustration having to either declare confidential information becoming overwritten or stolen, or having to re-collect years worth of information together.

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