It’s world emoji day today!

The 17th July is dedicated to emojis. To celebrate the special day, Facebook have decided to find out


The 17th July is dedicated to emojis. To celebrate the special day, Facebook have decided to find out which is the most popular emoji that everyone uses. After all, it is Facebook that people use over 6 million emojis a day, how crazy is that?!

Also, in honor of the special day, the Empire State building in New York will be lighting up yellow which is bound to amuse millions of people. May as well celebrate it whilst you can!

Where did emojis start?

The first emoji was created in 1999 in Japan. They wanted to communicate with each other in a unique way, which was picture format. Obviously the emojis are bigger than the actual text itself which is why it intrigued mobile phone companies.

A mobile phone provider in Japan eventually developed emoticons using pictures, not proper emojis just small images.

Why are emojis used?

Everything is becoming more visual now and if we’re completely honest with ourselves, we’re getting lazier especially when it comes to messaging. We always used phrases that are cut a phrase down in to one word (e.g. LOL – laugh out loud). We always think it’s easier to just put the abbreviated word because it’s easier to have a conversation like this.

Obviously when emojis were created, it made our life SO much easier because it allowed us to get even lazier with messaging!

How many of you have a conversation with someone over text without using emojis? I bet there’s not a lot of you that do.

Some people have a complete conversation using emojis because it makes it more exciting to know what they are actually saying, and it makes the message more visual than reading it. Others just add emojis on the end to emphasize the text with an image.

What’s your favorite emoji?

We want to know what your favorite emoji is! You can tweet us or post on our Facebook page! We would love to see the variety.

Also, if you have a smartphone, tweet us the first 3 emojis that you have in your keyboard!